March 24, 2017

Swampy Awards Creators Announce Newly Created Bromance Award

BitterDC’s Swampy Awards



Beltway’s Most Epic Bromance to Honor the Greatest Friendships in Politics

Washington, DC (March 24, 2017) – BitterDC, the loose affiliation of political consultants, strategists, trolls, and wonks that created the Swampy Awards, announces the creation of its newest award for 2017: Beltway’s Most Epic Bromance.

Co-founder and spokesperson Julie Germany said, “So basically what happened was last week before I went on vacation we all read an article about how Congressmen Beto O’Rourke (D) and Will Hurd (R) went on this bipartisan road trip together. And that made us think of Obama and Biden’s epic Beltway bromance. And that made us happy. Every politico deserves that kind of love and devotion. There should be an award that celebrates it. So we made one, but we waited until I got back from vacation and answered all my emails first.”

The description of the Beltway’s Most Epic Bromance quotes directly from the philosopher Plato, who once said: “Many men are loved by their enemies, and hated by their friends, and are the friends of their enemies, and the enemies of their friends.”

Brad Tidwell, founder of political web development firm Infrared Productions and developer of said “Sweet! We can definitely make some fun memes out of this.”

You can vote for your favorite “bad bromance” at this link, or visit to nominate your picks today.

The Swampy Awards were founded in 2017 by a group of political hacks and are designed to cross partisan lines and celebrate what we do best: make noise, promote stuff, and get attention.

Award categories include:

  • Most Popular by Host Committee Votes
  • Lifetime Achievement Award in Internet Trolling
  • The Top DC Advocacy Campaigns Nobody Cared About
  • All-Around Sexiest Beltway Beasts
  • 30 Over 30 Who Never Changed the World But Still Have Time
  • Most Wonderfully Shameless Self Promoters
  • DC’s Most Likely to Nominate Themselves for An Award (Self-nominations only)
  • Most Arrogant, Colorful LinkedIn Profile Artists
  • Most Valuable P(l)ayer Award
  • The Most Lovable Nerds in Politics
  • Best Asshole Whisperer
  • Most Adored Political Blogger/Reporter
  • The Swamp Rat Award for Most Egregious Displays of Success on Social Media
  • World’s Greatest Humble Bragger in Politics
  • Beltway’s Most Epic Bromance

Swampy Award nominations are open to the public. The awards will be announced on May 6, 2017.

More information about the Swampy Awards can be found at