March 9, 2017

You Need to Have a Presence at Swampy Awards

Dear Political Entrepreneur in Washington DC,

You Need to Have a Presence at Swampy Awards


As you already know, political professionals are a sadly lovable tribe of Type A sycophants and attention-grabbers trying to make a living, find love, and create lives of worth.

So let’s celebrate that by acknowledging and honoring what makes us…us: the mediocre and the sublime.

After all, we wouldn’t want to drain the swamp without each other — and that means you, our beloved sponsor.

Nominations for the first annual Swampy Awards are public at and will remain open until  April 6th, 2017. Awardees will be honored at a minimally invasive party on May 6, 2017 in Washington DC.

Hill Staff get in free.

Metrics of Success

The BitterDC Swampy Awards team doesn’t believe in vanity metrics. Period.

We’re about real metrics that help us measure whether or not we’re progressing toward our ultimate goal: to increase gross happiness in the political swamp of Washington, DC.

Those metrics may include but are not limited to:

  • Internal laughter
  • Memes
  • A sense of community that cross partisan lines
  • Feeling good about ourselves

Value Proposition/Return on Investment

Sponsoring BitterDC’s Swampy Awards will return the following value on your investment:

  • Increase the amount of love people already have for you/your company/your clients/your issue.
  • Increase the amount of new people who love you/your company/your clients/your issue.  
  • Help you seem funny and cool.

In other words, it will make people like you. And that’s a win.


  1. Ability to distribute your policy paper, white paper OR press release at the Swampy Awards party. – Please deliver 150 copies of your handout to the Swampy Award team by no later than Saturday, April 29th, 2017. Any handouts not received by this time must be hand delivered to the party venue by you or your staff.
  2. Crazy, mad social media love from the Bitter DC Swampy Award Team on social media. – Want us to change our personal profile pics to your logo for the day? We’ll do it. We’ll tweet about you. Post something nice on FB. Just tell us what makes you happy, and if it’s a reasonable request, we’ll make it work.
  3. Your logo on our website. – You actually have to send us your logo. You can’t, like, not send us your logo and then get mad when you don’t see it. Also, we have day jobs too, so it might take us more than five minutes to get your logo on our site. Sometimes we’re in meetings.
  4. One wish. – You get one wish. We’ll consider all wishes, and if the size of your wish matches the size of your sponsorship and doesn’t compromise us ethically, then we’ll probably decide to do it.

For sponsorship informaton, please call (202) 540-0318 or email us using the form below. Every $7 raised puts a vodka red bull into the hands of a hill staffer.