April 21, 2017

BitterDC’s Inaugural Swampy Awards Party Announced

A celebration of our friends and frenemies — the Beltway creatures #blessed enough to be honored with a 2017 Swampy Award and inducted into our inaugural class of Swamp Creatures!

Get your tickets below while they last:

The creatures that inhabit the Washington, DC political swamp are a special breed: we like to work hard, play hard, and win awards. The Swampies were designed to cross partisan lines and celebrate what we do best: make noise, promote stuff, and get attention.

2017 Swampy Award Categories include:

– Most Likely to Nominate Themselves for an Award
– Beltway’s Most Epic Bromance
– Most Arrogant, Colorful LinkedIn Job Titles
– Most Lovable Nerds in Politics
– The Swamp Rat Award for Most Egregious Displays of Success on Social Media
– Most Wonderfully Shameless Self Promoters
– Most Valuable P(l)ayer Award
– 30 Over 30 Who Never Changed the World But Still Have Time
– Most Adored Political Blogger/Reporter
– All-Around Sexist Beltway Beasts
– Best Asshole Whisperer
– Lifetime Achievement in Internet Trolling
– Breakthrough Performance in Internet Trolling
– Most Dramatic Performance in Online Politics
– Best Beltway Pets in the History of the Beltway Forever Times Infinity Plus One

Let’s honor what makes us…us: the mediocre and the sublime.
After all, we wouldn’t want to drain the swamp without each other. So come play with us on Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm. We promise we won’t bite. Maybe.
Hill Staff get in free.