About BitterDC

DC is an odd place.

The only thing more surreal than living in a town full of grown-ass adults who weren’t quite popular enough in High School (and suffer from the most excruciating status anxiety because of it) is our collective half-ass attempts at being cool, most of which fizzle like a bottle of San Pellegrino that’s been left open for three hours.

We’re a sadly lovable tribe of Type A sycophants and attention-grabbers trying to make a living, find love, and create lives of worth.

So let’s celebrate that by acknowledging and honoring what makes us…us: the mediocre and the sublime.

After all, we wouldn’t want to drain the swamp without each other.

What are the Swampies?

The creatures that inhabit the Washington, DC political swamp are a special breed: we like to work hard, play hard, and win awards. The Swampies were designed to cross partisan lines and celebrate what we do best: make noise, promote stuff, and get attention.